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There are three spots where windsurfing is available. These are all located along different stretches of East Coast Park and are listed in alphabetical order: 

Aloha Sea Sports Centre

Aloha Sea Sports Centre inherits the turf & spirit of East Coast Sailing Centre, which thrived in the 80s and 90s and was the largest windsurfing club in the world at one point.


There is great historical attachment to the place, and people at Aloha finds great meaning in bringing back the passion and vibrancy.


The passion continues in Aloha today, with a team of passion-driven water sports enthusiasts running the place.


Their core business is to promote a wide range of non-motorised sea sports from Sailing, Windsurfing, Windfoiling, Stand Up Paddling and other open sea paddling sports. Aloha offers windsurfing rentals for beginners to  advance level windsurfers (slalom, foil). They also offer windsurfing courses to help kick start anyone's windsurfing journey.


There is also an in-house cafe/bar for on to relax after a day of windsurfing.

**WAS members enjoy a discount of 10% rental of all windsurfing equipment (beginners to advance, weekdays only) at Aloha Sea Sports Centre.

Please confirm details with Aloha!

Constant Wind Seasports Centre

Constant Wind Sea Sports Centre, located off Changi Coast Road at NSRCC Sea Sports Centre, is a one-stop sea sports centre that is also a sailing school and a pro-shop that aims to provide sea sports enthusiasts with everything they require in their sporting pursuits. 

Nestled in a quaint and tranquil spot in the south-eastern part of Singapore, Constant Wind Sea Sports Centre is glad to be able to offer all avid sea sports individuals with wide open spaces, where they can freely engage in sailing, windsurfing, foiling and stand-up paddling.

There is also a café that serves up a wide variety of Western and Chinese cuisines, which are both delectable and affordable. What better way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon, than sipping a cup of tea in a balmy alfresco setting on the boardwalk right next to the sea. Whether you are a beginner or a competitive sailor, you’ll probably find all you need at Constant Wind Sea Sports Centre.

**WAS members are eligible to rent hardsails (RS One and Bic Techno) at a highly discounted rate all days of the week, enjoy F&B discount at Belly View Cafe and product discount at the Proshop. 

Please confirm details with Constant Wind!

PAssion WaVe is an integral part of the PA that bonds people and bridges the communities through water sports and waterfront lifestyle activities. This is a government-owned facility so check the official website for options on windsurfing!

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